Culti Milano

The first store of  CULTI MILANO brand has been inaugurated in Via Vittoria in Rome. For years, it has been the spokesperson of a totally new concept of perfumery, a trait-d’union between the world of design and the world of the senses. For the brand created in 1988 by Alessandro Agrati’s eclecticism, EDARES has selected the prestigious location of Via Vittoria, a stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna, one of the most elegant streets in the historic center of Rome, where prestigious high fashion boutiques of craft activities still testify the great tradition of Made in Italy. An ideal context for a brand that celebrates the olfactory culture, in the name of Originality, Quality, Design: these are the key words that have always distinguished the Culti Milano universe, with a rich collection of fragrances for the environment, and for personal care. Without forgetting the original wicker diffuser invented in the 90s: design icon, absolutely NOT IMITABLE!