EDA takes care of  the retail expansion of National and International brands by offering consulting services and operative assistance for the lease and purchase of commercial properties. Eda follows the client in all the steps of the business development such as:

  • research of commercial locations;
  • reports on other brands in the area and monitoring of commercial areas during openings;
  • negotiation assistance;
  • technical assistance through municipal facilities;
  • stipulation of contracts;
  • issue of commercial licenses;


In addition, Eda ensures its professional support for the following issues:

  • business sale or lease;
  • leasesrenewal;
  • legal and technical consultancy along with related completion of administrative practices;

EDA provides support for the development and the optimization of existing stores, and assesses new business opportunities through:

  • market analysis;
  • target audiance analysis;
  • definition of development strategy:cities selection, street selection, location research, location acquisition;


EDA also offers the following services:

  • analysis of commercial regulations;
  • analysis of building regulations;
  • support for technical inspections of the location;
  • advice on design aspects;
  • advice on practices presentation (building, fire dept., commercial/industrial use, supervision, etc.);
  • advice on implementation aspectswithin the store;