Jil Sander

Edares is proud to announce the opening of Jil Sander !
Thanks to our deep knowledge of market trends and territory, our #team has identified a location perfectly in line with the company’s #expansionretail goals! The new Flagship sees all the visibility needs transmitted to our team fulfilled: the location of the store, situated in the very central Piazza di Spagna, is one of the most important openings of 2023 in the luxury world.
The #boutique is developed on three levels, with a total volume of over 200 square meters. The new flagship has three windows on Piazza di Spagna 63- 64, the exclusive center of Roman shopping.
Jil Sander S.p.A., based in Milan, is a fashion company founded by German fashion designer Jil Sander in Hamburg in 1968. Jil Sander sold the company in 1999 to the Prada Group, retiring in 2004. The company since 2021 has been owned by the Italian luxury group OTB.